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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I gave this up for Lent?

It’s a Thursday afternoon in Sin City, hereto known as "SC" to me and my dominion.  It is a workaday grind and unfortunately I am not a talented enough or popular enough writer to be anywhere other than at my nine to five job.  This is my first post on Sin and the City, and like Carrie Bradshaw from the television and cinema themed title I am stealing, am ready to share my adventures, post my reviews and write my words as I navigate this enormous valley.  Hopefully I can find some humor within this and it will come across.
Bear in mind that I am not a professional blogger; I am very sarcastic and caustic.  This blog may not be for you, but I do promise a weekly ride.  Watch for my first update next Thursday.  On deck for this week is a visit to the newest foodie item, calling itself culture, the Las Vegas StrEATs festival at the refurbished El Cortez Hotel (651 East Ogden Avenue) on Saturday the 9th from 6 PM on until the dawn most likely.  There is a promise of food, clothing, music and probably a little bit of the naughty.  Food trucks with names like “Slider Truck” and “SnowOno” will be there.  This newest piece of food entertainment has caught on like wildfire with everyone opening up and wrapping a truck.  Is this “culture”?  Some say no, I hold my decision until I wake up in a sodium coma Sunday.
Las Vegas Word of the day:  Baganzed – To become so wholly full of yourself that your ego outweighs your own turds, “Todd use to be cool, now?  He has been baganzed and I can’t get him out of Surrender”.

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